Catching up

Well, we have been a little out of touch since this fall when we picked up some great exposure and funding in the Netherlands, things have continued to cruise along and with it being the new year this seems like a good time for an update!

Negative Volume, our packaging product, and biodegradable answer to that infuriating expanded polystyrene, took first place in the Keesah Studios "Make some Green Competition". This product, based on the same technology used in our Greensulate™ insulation, has a very low carbon footprint, is grown indoors in the dark, and can be composted in your garden, or recycled once it gets to the consumer. Were looking for more partners in this space, so if you ship heavy things, and want to get away from Styrofoam™, drop us a line!

We also have some great news regarding our team. We hired a brilliant recent graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Sam Harrington, who will be joining us as Environmental Director and Design Engineer. We also want to welcome Allison Poetzsch, another recent RPI graduate, who will be joining us full time to assist in the lab with Dawn Harfmann, a student at Skidmore College.

We also brought Sue Van Hook, a skilled mycologist and teacher at Skidmore College, onto the team full time for the spring. We are thrilled to have her and the fungi already seem happier.

Were excited for another great year, and can't wait to share more exciting steps forward as we keep developing radical alternatives to replace those outmoded synthetics!

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